About More Than Muscle

I was introduced to strength sports a couple of years back by my boyfriend David Waters. Being a Strongman promoter and friend to many a strongman (and strongwoman), he has taken me with him to countless strongman events. In that time I have met hundreds of competitors. I have also made several friends from all over the country and a few from around the world.

I have noticed, unfortunately, that there are still people who are under the impression that anyone involved with strength sports are either: 1. uneducated, 2. arrogant. or 3. a combination of both. It doesn’t help that there is also a very popular gym (that shall remain nameless) whose commercials do nothing to negate these misconceptions; even going so far as to install a “lunk alarm.”

So, my mission and the purpose of this site is to introduce you to these strength athletes. You will find, as I did, that they are intelligent, kind, funny and above all more than muscle.