Michael and Julie Bartos

mike and julie

You probably know Michael and Julie Bartos as the geniuses behind the Mike Bartos Stone of Steel. They also happen to be one of the nicest and hardworking couples I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to.  I met them a couple of years ago at the Arnold and have since then noticed that they seem to never tire; running on an endless supply of energy that I wish they’d share. Seriously guys… what is your secret?

stone of steel

This power couple has been married for 2.5 years and hails from Youngstown, Ohio. Their gym, the Mike Bartos Power Center, specializes in most strength sports. Their dog, Atlas, is the unofficial mascot of said gym.

(Look at the adorableness. Look at it!)

Michael has a degree in Special Education from Youngstown State University (YSU) and a degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. He is in the equipment business as well as running his gym. When he was 13 he weighed 260 pounds and decided to get into strength sports. He obviously did something right, because he lost 130 pounds before high school started and went on to play high school football.

michael squat

Julie is a registered nurse and earned her BSN in nursing at YSU. She decided to get into strength sports as a hobby. Although where she finds the time, I have no idea, as she works 70 hours or more a week! Again, I ask, where do you get this energy?

julie squat

Michael and Julie are the couple that most couples aspire to be. They’re very supportive of each other. I asked each of them separately about the other’s best qualities. Michael said Julie is a Jack of All Trades. Once she gets something on her mind, she goes for it. Julie said that Michael works sunup to sundown and treats her like an angel; “Instead of Superman he’s my Hus-man!”

I also asked what they do in their spare time (when they have it). “We try to watch movies. But we only watch in 15 minute increments because we fall asleep.” Well, you gotta sleep sometime.

mike and julie 2

To order a Mike Bartos Stone of Steel and other equipment go to mbpowercenter.com.

(All photos with the exception of the last one are courtesy of Michael Bartos’ Facebook page.)


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