Brad and Tammy Baize

tammy and brad

For my first interview I decided to talk to Brad and Tammy Baize. Not only do they train at the same gym that David and I attend, but they also make the best damn homemade donuts that I’ve ever eaten.  BSquared Donuts are definitely worth a try and I will be including a link that will enable you to order some. You’re welcome.

bsquared donuts                                             (Look at the yummy)

Living in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Brad and Tammy have been married for 2 years. They have a Great Dane named Lido and a cat named Abraham, who actually goes by Cat (pronounced Caaaaat). According to Tammy, Brad is super into cats, which he confirmed saying “I’m kind of like a cat, selective about who I like.”

lido and cat(Lido and Caaaaat.)

Brad is the District Computer Technician at the Butler Co. Board of Education. He earned his Cisco Inter-networking processing degree at BG Tech (currently SKYCTC).

Tammy is a Medical Sonographer at Graves and Gilbert. She attended Western Kentucky University earning her Associates. She also attended BG Tech (currently SKYCTC) where she earned her Associates of Applied Science degree.

Both Tammy and Brad compete in Powerlifting. Tammy actually was not into fitness at all before powerlifting. She competed in her first meet as a birthday present for Brad. She pulled 215lb on her deadlift and when another girl pulled more than her she decided that she wanted to get into powerlifting. “I’m competitive as crap.” Her advice for women who want to try it: “Powerlifting won’t turn you into a man. Muscles don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of work to get muscular.”

Brad started lifting in 2003. He got started at a Parks and Rec meet when his roommate wanted to do it as well. His advice for anyone who wanted to get into powerlifting: “You don’t have to be strong to do a meet. Just get started.”brad and tammy

You can follow Tammy at TamCatts on Instagram.

Follow Brad at Baize82 on Instagram.

To order Donuts (DO IT!)

BSquaredDonuts on Facebook

B_sqaured_donuts on Instagram

With the exception of the last photo all pictures are courtesy of Tammy’s facebook page.


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