Chad Clark

  Life is short, do it kilted Meet Chad Clark. Friend, family and honorary uncle to my daughter Aniah. It's hard to believe that David and I have only known him for just under a year. David was having a conversation with Odd Haugen last year about incorporating MAS Wrestling into his event when Odd … Continue reading Chad Clark


Michael and Julie Bartos

You probably know Michael and Julie Bartos as the geniuses behind the Mike Bartos Stone of Steel. They also happen to be one of the nicest and hardworking couples I've had the pleasure of speaking to.  I met them a couple of years ago at the Arnold and have since then noticed that they seem … Continue reading Michael and Julie Bartos

OJ Haugen

                    OJ Haugen could give the most interesting man in the world a run for his money. During the weekend that he stayed with us for a MAS Wrestling tournament at the Beast of Bluegrass in Kentucky, I had many interesting conversations with OJ; Everything from … Continue reading OJ Haugen


Brad and Tammy Baize

For my first interview I decided to talk to Brad and Tammy Baize. Not only do they train at the same gym that David and I attend, but they also make the best damn homemade donuts that I've ever eaten.  BSquared Donuts are definitely worth a try and I will be including a link that … Continue reading Brad and Tammy Baize